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Massachusetts Asian Restaurant Association --

MA-ARA is a non-profit corporation registered at Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It provides a platform connecting Asian restaurant members with professional service providers as well as relevant governmental entities to enhance the communication, collaboration and benefit the food industry.

At MA-ARA, we aprovide information sharing, advocacy, training,money-saving and other opportunities to Asian restaurant professionals. We have developed to support Asian restaurant communities with positive leadership and sound business practices. Being a significant trade organization, we facilitate and regulate the food and beverage sector in Massachusetts with the provision of exceptional and relevant service standards.



To promote information concerning business development and employment issues, especially for food industrial. Better information means making better decisions that affect our business.

To provide new opportunities for Asian restaurant community and help our members’ business grows.


To work with the general public and government regulators regarding the scope and benefits of the Asian restaurant business in Massachusetts.

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Come to our events to meet other Asian restaurant owners and service providers.
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The Massachusetts Asian Restaurant Association (MA-ARA) offers a membership for restaurants and business owners with a keen interest in the restaurant sector. Our membership offers various expert opportunities that all individuals in the restaurant sector can benefit from.

In February of 2020, Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) has offered special discount to MA-ARA members, which make it possible for our members to obtain a joint membership with both MA-ARA and MRA and benefit from the programs that the two organizations have to offer.

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