MA-ARA provides Asian business owners in the food and beverage sector with the information, legal and financial guidelines, resources and products needed to advance their business and continue to grow their brand. 

What the Association can Offer:

1. Information: We want to receive accurate and prompt information about the issues we need to know for the food industrial. Better information means we can make better decisions that affect our business.
2. Advocacy: We want our business interests brought effectively to allied government, regulators, media and any other organization our restaurant encounter in our day-to-day business operations.
3. Public relations: We want an association to actively market to the general public and government regulators on a regular and consistent basis regarding the scope and benefits of the restaurant business, and to counter any negative press that may harm the business imagines.
4. Expansion of opportunities: By investing in research and building alliances, an association can open new doors for our business and help our members’ business grow.
5. Professional development: We want high-caliber experts brought locally to association events, so we can learn straight from the masters and get best training for our members. 
6. Buying powers: Association can help the individual restaurant owners reduce their costs of operations by creating big collective bargain powers with the venders and supplies.
7. Networking and marketing:  Association will create the networking and marketing opportunities for its members. With the association’s website and social media, members are able to increase their networking and marketing within and outside of the association.