We continue to seek assistance from interested parties and aim to expand upon the variety of services we can offer. Sponsorship allow us to provide skilled and talented professionals with the tools and the practices needed to achieve their goal of opening a sound and established restaurant business. The MA-ARA possesses an extensive number of partners to continue to make restaurant business practices and brand development a reality. We encourage sponsors to kindly invest in our upcoming talents and initiatives. All sponsorship is proudly displayed at our multiple annual events.


The MA-ARA possesses yearly sponsorship. Our sponsors will contribute to a professional event that is held through the year. You can donate depending on your membership status. We welcome all interested parties to continue to invest through sponsorship.

Sponsors can also invest in a specific event that is held through the course of the year.

Professional Partners

We are affiliated with esteemed and established business professionals in the restaurant industry. Our endorsed partners are of exceptional important to us as they are responsible for providing the resources many businesses need that the MA-ARA cannot provide in its scope. We are fortunate to be aligned with an incredible network of professionals who are dedicated to assisting the organization in every manner possible.

Please call us or click here to determine our sponsorship options. 

Contact us at info@ma-ara.org should you be interested in an endorsed, event or an annual sponsorship.