MA-ARA is a non-profit corporation registered at Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It aims to create professional leadership and provide Asian restaurant businesses the resources and guidance needed to advance in the industry. MA-ARA is a platform connecting Asian restaurant members with professional service providers as well as relevant governmental entities to enhance the communication, collaboration and mutual benefits.

At MA-ARA, we aprovide information sharing, advocacy, training and other opportunities to Asian restaurant professionals. We have developed to support Asian restaurant communities with positive leadership and sound business practices. Being a significant trade organization, we facilitate and regulate the food and beverage sector in Massachusetts with the provision of exceptional and relevant service standards.

Our Purposes

1. Providing information about successful business development and employment issues. 
2. Advocacy work with the public, government officials, and government regulators.
3. Promoting the scope and benefits of Asian restaurants and their contribution to the economic vitality of Massachusetts.
4. Offering professional development and training for qualifying Asian businesses.
5. Utilizing cost savings and group buying power for economic advancement.
6. Forging strong business relationships through networking and professional strategy.
7. Enhancing networking and marketing opportunities inside and outside of the Massachusetts Asian restaurant community.